Apprenticeship: Prospective Employers
Build your workforce with CITC’s apprenticeship training

CITC is committed to training, developing and retaining a skilled workforce for the construction industry. Our eleven Washington State approved apprenticeship programs are far more than just having registered apprentices available to meet the apprenticeship utilization requirements on prevailing wage projects. Participation in a registered apprenticeship is about developing a well-trained and well-rounded workforce. Employers that participate in apprenticeship experience lower turnover, higher productivity and less rework on their projects.

Investing just 1% can deliver double-digit returns

Through  CITC’s high-quality apprenticeship programs you will realize a return on your training investment. A recent study by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) found that investing just 1 percent of a project’s labor budget in training could have double-digit returns. The study showed that 1 percent yielded:

  • 11% improved productivity
  • 14% decrease in turnover
  • 15% decrease in absenteeism
  • 26% decrease in injuries
  • 23% decrease in rework

“It has been enjoyable to watch our apprentices grow as they go through this (CITC’s Apprenticeship) program and turn out to be great plumbers. It has raised our overall knowledge and skill-level in the company by being part of your apprenticeship program.”

Brian Ek, Tapani Plumbing, Inc.